Saturday, March 24, 2018

Snow and a movie

This week was fun we got a bunch of snow dumped on us on Tuesday night through Wednesday. So we had a snow day on Wednesday evening even Jason. We built snow men  and went sledding with some neighbors. Thursday was a snow day but by the end of the day there was now snow. Then Friday we went to movie night at the school and watched 1973 version of charlotte s web. It was fun. Calvin dressed up as a tiger and max Emily and holly wore Jamie's. Next week soccer starts no more chilling on Saturday.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Happy st patty day

We started the week with snow. However Jason started staining the deck before it started so not sure how much good it did. Otherwise we just hung out and avoided the wind we have been getting. Calvin is obsessed with dressing up. He dresses up in all sorts of clothes from dragons to tigers in everything. This week we were also able to try Emily rice krispe maker they turned out okay. They even frosted and put sprinkles on. Overall it was a nice week Jason took some time off which is always nice. So he planted some seeds inside and outside.

Planting seeds

Staining in the snow

Hanging in the high chair

Graduation boy

Rice crispy making


Sunday, March 11, 2018


So I am a slacker but here is an update. Emily is now 7 years old. Max is in head start and loving it. Calvin turned 2 in February. Holly will turn 6 months in a week. I can't believe how old she is. They are all so grown up. So an update on each kid. So I don't have to back track.
Calvin is crazy. He loves trains he is very mischievous. He loves making other people laugh. Right now he is learning how to ride the balance bike.  He is still unsure of most people.

Max is my emotional child. He is passionate about everything even who gets out of the car first. He loves reading and school. He is excited to play soccer.

Holly is almost 6 months old right now. She has eczema and we are learning how to deal with that. She loves rolling over and being in her saucer. She laughs when she gets scared.
Emily is in first grade and loves junior b jones. She loves skirts and painting nails. Her favorite part about school is Math. In her spare time she loves drawing pictures and doing art.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Here we go

So in my head I already posted about Christmas in Texas but apparently I will go back and do that one. As I do not have my pictures from that on this computer. However since coming back from Texas we have been pretty busy. Max got into Headstart and started last week. Calvin is starting to talk more. Holly rolled over for the first time and Emily is starting to act more and more grown up it is weird sometimes to realize that she will be 7 in March.

Since being home from Texas are heat broke. We 2 different companies blaming each other for it breaking so we dressed warm and borrowed space heaters. Now we have heat and I am so grateful.
Holly dressed up warm

Sometimes when you are having a bad day your husband knows it and bring this home.

We have also been having some fun enjoying some Christmas presents. Aunt April gave us stuff to decorate cupcakes with. Aunt Jeanine gave us popcorn microwave maker. Both have been and delicious. 

I have been trying to figure for weeks who gave Holly 2 beautiful dresses. Turns out it is my awesome Aunt Lori. Thank you doesn't she look adorable. 

Last Sunday we hung with Uncle Jon and Aunt Pam. My kids love Jon because he is willing to do anything like crawl in the baby toy. They love Aunt Pam because she has an awesome truck. 

Holly is starting to get stronger. She rolled over twice the other day. Since then not at all. However she refused to do it on camera to make it worse Calvin was my only other witness.

Already for Church

Monday, December 18, 2017

Snow in December

We had our first snowfall last weekend it was fun to play in. I just wish more would have stuck. It snowed all day but only an inch of accumulation. I love that my midseason enjoy snow as much as me. 

Sickness and santa

We have had a lot of throw up at our house this week. Started with Emily went through Calvin, me, then Max. Now we have a cold too being sick is no fun. We had a first experience though we were at Jason's boss's house max was not feeling well and lied down in one of their beds and threw up everywhere I don't think our kids will be invited to the party next year.
In other news I took the 2 olders to breakfast with Santa it was fun they even made a craft. I tried to convince Emily to get the chocolate muffin but she had to he fancy and picked the pumpkin streussal. Max picked a glazed donut. Also last Saturday their aunt took them on the Santa train where the commuter train takes kids for an hour ride and Santa walks through the train and talks to kid the kids.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Baby holly

Holly Brown was born September 18, 2017. She was 9lbs 12oz and 21in tall. She came at 5ish. I was in labor for over 24 hours. I was super scared that when I went into labor that the doctor I did not like would be on call. Well when I showed up guess who was. Well I started to cry the nurses were very supportive and told me what I needed to do in order to avoid her cutting me open. I listened to their advise all night. When the doctor switched the next morning my nurse (brought me food she was amazing) then talked to Dr Patel in letting me get petition after the other doctor said no.  Later after being on protein they broke my water ten minutes later with an epidural we had Holly. The doctor that delivered has to leave cause it was at the end of her shift so Dr Patel delivered my placenta. I am so grateful for all that the nurses did for me and keeping me going and strong. I am happy I delivered at mary washington hospital.i