Thursday, May 4, 2017

The deck

I am missing some pictures because my phone bit the dust. We have had a lot of help with our deck. Jason's Dad has came over numerous time to help, Uncle William, Uncle Sam, Amber, Jeremy, and Holly have all came over and helped. So the first day Jason and his Dad knocked down the deck. Then the next day Jason put in posts (wrong size and wrong way). Then he finished it the following day. That Saturday a bunch of peopel came over and did the main part of the deck. That is when Uncle Sam told us that we had used the wrong posts. So on Jason's next day off a bunch of people came over again fixed the post, put the up the stairs and did part of the railing. In between the two groups of people Jason's Dad came over and helped with the little things screwing boards down on the deck, and as of right now putting up the slats so my kids do not fall off the deck. Here is a picture after the last group all worked hard.
Looking good (calvin is helping a lot he also pooped out twice this day go mom!)

How Max and Calvin entertained themselves

Catch up

So I am not quite sure what happened to April, but it is over. We celebrated Easter very simply we hunted eggs at home and we also went to our neighborhood easter egg hunt, but I have no pictures because my phone died. We also tore down our deck and are currently building another one. In other fun news we have  been able to get to to know our neighbor better lately her and her son have been coming over and playing it has been a lot of fun. We ran through the sprinkler one day, played in the backyard another overall just fun. However during Emily's spring break we got caught in the rain on one of our walks it was pretty cool to see the huge rush of water coming towards us.
my kids love playing in rain

being weird


playing in a drips of rain coming off the house

Calvin loves puddles

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So after trying to convince my children for many months I finally convinced them to try riding without training wheels. It was a semi success, they cannot do it on their own yet, but with some practice and warmer weather they will get it.

Max is finally feeling more confident climbing trees, Calvin just wants to be like him.

Emily was the most confident. 

me too

I am one cute baby


So for awhile we were wearing short and t-shirts without sweatshirt and jackets and now it snowed, sleeted and rained all in one night. So I guess we have winter back for a few days. It will be fun Emily has today off from school, and Jason had a 2 hour delay from work, so we have spent our morning playing in the snow, making muffins, and just hanging out. I like this surprise time together especially when my kids get along.
So cute, 

Calvin the destroyer

Emily's snow bunny
They may not look happy, but we had fun

snowman and snow bunny


Calvin is growing up and is getting bigger and bigger. Him and Max are finally able to play together which I appreciate. However there still is a downside like when Calvin gets clothes lined because Max wants to do something first, or Max decides to race Calvin to things. On the other side of things they can be super nice and kind to one another and build blocks and such. I like that they can finally interact with one another and do things together.

Emily is doing really well at school she is making new friends, and working hard. We are starting to get into those dress up days. My favorite is her as an old lady for the 100th day of school too funny. Emily and Max are getting more daring by climbing up and hanging on trees. It amazes how quickly they are figuring stuff out lately.

100 year old lady

pushing him the laundry basket around uptairs

hanging from the tree

Max too

Calvin likes to play in the shower when I go to the bathroom apparently he is afraid I will get lonely with out him

Cool like his brother

Reading books in their room. (which is now blue because we painted it)


So because Calvin turned one years old we took him to the Cardiologist for his Echo to check on the holes in his heart. He had a blast doing it, he sat super still for the whole thing. Dr Shidlow was very impressed with him. However my favorite part was the facts that all of his holes are now closed. YAY! for a healthy heart. 
his digs for the ECHO

Emily is 6

We have had a fairly busy month, but most recently we were pretty excited because Emily May Brown is six years old. We had been planning on doing a camp out for her birthday, well that didn't quite happen because well it was freezing cold that night. So Jason decided to camp out downstairs with the kids. After about an hour Max was done and back upstairs, but Jason and Emily slept down there all night in the tents Aunt Jenny gave them. The next morning Jason went and got Paul's Bakery donuts. Emily had a lovely birthday party over two days. Friday night Holly came over and we played games and played Barbies and whatever else, then we had BBQed Hot dogs, hamburgers, and ate chips. Then we made a fire outside and cooked smores. The fire went a little crazy and left our pit so Jason had to do some stomping of it. The next she ate donuts, and Grammy and Papa came over and ate pizza with us. I am grateful as well as Emily for all the wonderful gifts she got. People really know Emily.

Emily is reading pretty good now, she actually read her talk at church, she loves shopkins, princesses and Barbies. She loves to run around and be in charge. She is super excited for her Dad to be coaching her soccer team.

Popsicle shopkins Holly helped ecorate

everyone singing happy birthday

Her dress from Grandma, she looks adorable (too bad she got sick later Sunday)