Monday, August 28, 2017

Finishing School

Max graduated Grammy school, and he will not be attending any preschool this year he is going to be stuck with Mom (poor kid). It was a cute ceremony they sang songs, did a play, and received their diploma. Max was very proud of how hard her worked all year.

Emily finished up Kindergarten I am amazed at how much she learned. She received an award from her teacher as a role model ( GO EMILY). They handed them out during a musical performance where they sang cute songs. I was with Calvin and the place was packed with people so no video sorry. My favorite part was that she asked to wear her heels. I told her because we walked she would have to change her shoes when we got there. Guess who forgot to change her shoes. Needless she performed in Crocs.

Having Fun

To flashback a few months ago we were very busy enjoying our very wet weather. Max and I built water boats and tried to float them through the ditches in our neighborhood. It was a lot of fun. Calvin also got a haircut to prepare for the heat of the summer as well as we were able to enjoy our deck by cooking some smores and BBQ food outside.

Emily was able to play soccer this last spring. Jason was her coach she improved quite a bit and is looking forward to playing in the fall. She was still a little kid playing soccer though. I look at her and she is was looking for four leaf clovers off the ground.


One of the things I love about living in Virginia is the crazy rainstorms. We took advantage of quite a few this year. Some on purpose others on accident. A couple of times we were caught in the pouring rain coming home fro the library, we were all quite soaked but everyone was still happy. It was so much rain that time though that a spotsy rock was found because it was floating in front of us like it was a make shift river. I thought it was crazy.

Calvin likes the rain sort of, but mainly he would rather be under the umbrella watching everyone get wet. Emily loves it and Max it depends on his mood. I love playing in the rain especially when it was so hot and humid.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

The deck

I am missing some pictures because my phone bit the dust. We have had a lot of help with our deck. Jason's Dad has came over numerous time to help, Uncle William, Uncle Sam, Amber, Jeremy, and Holly have all came over and helped. So the first day Jason and his Dad knocked down the deck. Then the next day Jason put in posts (wrong size and wrong way). Then he finished it the following day. That Saturday a bunch of peopel came over and did the main part of the deck. That is when Uncle Sam told us that we had used the wrong posts. So on Jason's next day off a bunch of people came over again fixed the post, put the up the stairs and did part of the railing. In between the two groups of people Jason's Dad came over and helped with the little things screwing boards down on the deck, and as of right now putting up the slats so my kids do not fall off the deck. Here is a picture after the last group all worked hard.
Looking good (calvin is helping a lot he also pooped out twice this day go mom!)

How Max and Calvin entertained themselves

Catch up

So I am not quite sure what happened to April, but it is over. We celebrated Easter very simply we hunted eggs at home and we also went to our neighborhood easter egg hunt, but I have no pictures because my phone died. We also tore down our deck and are currently building another one. In other fun news we have  been able to get to to know our neighbor better lately her and her son have been coming over and playing it has been a lot of fun. We ran through the sprinkler one day, played in the backyard another overall just fun. However during Emily's spring break we got caught in the rain on one of our walks it was pretty cool to see the huge rush of water coming towards us.
my kids love playing in rain

being weird


playing in a drips of rain coming off the house

Calvin loves puddles

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So after trying to convince my children for many months I finally convinced them to try riding without training wheels. It was a semi success, they cannot do it on their own yet, but with some practice and warmer weather they will get it.

Max is finally feeling more confident climbing trees, Calvin just wants to be like him.

Emily was the most confident. 

me too

I am one cute baby


So for awhile we were wearing short and t-shirts without sweatshirt and jackets and now it snowed, sleeted and rained all in one night. So I guess we have winter back for a few days. It will be fun Emily has today off from school, and Jason had a 2 hour delay from work, so we have spent our morning playing in the snow, making muffins, and just hanging out. I like this surprise time together especially when my kids get along.
So cute, 

Calvin the destroyer

Emily's snow bunny
They may not look happy, but we had fun

snowman and snow bunny