Thursday, May 4, 2017

The deck

I am missing some pictures because my phone bit the dust. We have had a lot of help with our deck. Jason's Dad has came over numerous time to help, Uncle William, Uncle Sam, Amber, Jeremy, and Holly have all came over and helped. So the first day Jason and his Dad knocked down the deck. Then the next day Jason put in posts (wrong size and wrong way). Then he finished it the following day. That Saturday a bunch of peopel came over and did the main part of the deck. That is when Uncle Sam told us that we had used the wrong posts. So on Jason's next day off a bunch of people came over again fixed the post, put the up the stairs and did part of the railing. In between the two groups of people Jason's Dad came over and helped with the little things screwing boards down on the deck, and as of right now putting up the slats so my kids do not fall off the deck. Here is a picture after the last group all worked hard.
Looking good (calvin is helping a lot he also pooped out twice this day go mom!)

How Max and Calvin entertained themselves

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